Emilie Lorditch, founder of Real 2 Reel Science, is your own personal resource if you're looking to make your project stand out or include science in your current script or new project! She is your very own script consultant, science advisor, script reader, and movie BFF!


You are never "just another script" submitted through some website for review. 

You'll get feedback on your script AND an in depth phone consultation to review it. Plus, you can utilize Emilie's research experience to find that exact bit of information you're looking for in your script without having to dig it up yourself!

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Basic Script Consultation

Includes 1-3 pages and up to one hour telephone session to review.

In Depth Script Consultation

Includes up to 6 pages and a one hour telephone session to review with in depth development notes.

Scientific Script Consultation

Includes two 1-hour telephone sessions about your script. Emilie will research the topic of your script and/or characters to find fascinating factoids and real stories ripped from the science news headlines that you can use in your script to make it memorable and stand out from the sea of submissions.