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Hello and welcome! My name is Emilie Lorditch. I am the founder of Real 2 Reel Science, an online resource for writers to come for inspiration using the latest science news “ripped from the headlines” that just might be the missing piece or idea that you are looking for your current script or next project. I am your very own Script Consultant, Science Advisor, and Script Reader. Nice to meet you! 

I got my start when I attended the launch of the Science and Entertainment Exchange in 2008. A year later, I participated in the American Film Institute‘s (AFI) Catalyst program: a three-day crash course for scientists about screenwriting. This program not only gave me my first experience working with a screenwriter, but it also led to me to work with screenwriting students at the AFI Conservatory as an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Science Advisor. You can read about my experience here. The goal of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation film school program is to influence the next generation of filmmakers to create more realistic and dramatic stories about science and technology while also challenging existing stereotypes about scientists and engineers through the use visual media.

Whether it’s using a Diet Coke and Mentos fountain to distract the good guys, combining earthquakes and tsunamis to create the mother of all natural disaster movies or creating a main character that is a scientist or engineer that you have never seen on screen before, science can be the answer to your script problem.

Are you looking for a way to make your script stand out? Would you like someone to brainstorm ideas with? Maybe the latest science news is the missing piece to your current script or next project. I’d love to help. Please contact me at

Emilie Lorditch
Real 2 Reel Science
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