Welcome to Real 2 Reel Science, a consulting service for writers! Emilie Lorditch, founder of Real 2 Reel Science, is your personal resource for all things science in your script (from plot, to characters or theme). Whether is it your old, current or new project, Emilie is your very own script consultant, science advisor and movie buff BFF!



Emilie Lorditch is your scientific script consultant extraordinaire! Her personal approach to research and assisting writers gets you exactly what you're looking for. You'll never feel like "just another script" with Emilie. Find out how to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today!



Read the latest posts featuring story ideas ripped from the science headlines to inspire screenwriters!


"Emilie understands that scientific facts don't make a good story, and good science won't make a bad story good. After working with her in the American Film Institute's Catalyst program, I know of no better collaborator..."


Hello and welcome! My name is Emilie Lorditch. I am the founder of Real 2 Reel Science, an online resource for writers looking for inspiration. I specialize in using the latest science news “ripped from the headlines” to find ideas that just might be the missing piece or idea that you are looking for your current script or next project. I am your very own Script Consultant and Science Advisor. Nice to meet you!


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